Sunday, August 29, 2010

iheartfaces - Photojournalism

Earlier this week we (my kids and I) went "on the job" with my husband. He is currently working for my parents, so it was kind of a "blast from the past" since we used to go stay in the hotel with the crew when I was a kid. I took my camera and had fun looking for more "detail" type shots.

This weeks challenge at iheartfaces is photojournalism. Usually they only allow one photo for a challenge, but this week they are allowing a collage with up to 5 photos.

*Edited to add* My parents company resurfaces streets. Rock, oil, sulfate, and water are mixed in a machine on the back of a truck. Then it is spread in a thin layer on the surface of a street to help the street last longer. It is called slurry. To me, these pictures represent the whole process.

For more great photojournalism shots, visit iheartfaces.



EB said...

Very nice shots! I love your theme. We often forget to document these everyday things in our lives, such as our jobs.

Erika B

Clammy said...

You did a great job getting the details!

JAN said...

Great collage! Nothing like a hard days work, right?

Christina said...

Love it! It's like the signs at the left side of your collage are saying,"Stop! Pay attention to the details. They are important."

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