Monday, September 20, 2010

Boulders and other ramblings...

I'm way behind in the blog world right now. Not only have I not posted anything in a few weeks, I haven't read any posts either.

I also haven't been taking pictures {gasp!}.

We've gotten a little bit of school done, but not much. Overall, I feel like the last few weeks have just been a big blur. My husband has been working out of town and that's been very hard on me. I don't do well with my hubby being gone. I tend to get depressed.

It also doesn't help that last Tuesday I woke up at some horrible early hour of the morning in excruciating pain. I finally called my mom around 4 and had her take me to the emergency room. My dad came and sat with the older three kids and we took the baby with us. The diagnosis? Kidney stones. They sent me for a CT scan to verify. The scan came back that it wasn't kidney stones, but a kidney BOULDER! The scan showed it to be approximately 8mm (you can pass stones that are 6mm or less). Then after much confusion and many phone calls (and lots of pain pills!) I was scheduled for a procedure to have it taken out. That happened on Friday. I wont go into all the gory details of said procedure, but I will say that they have to leave a stint in for 5-7 days afterward. So, while the boulder is gone, I've still been having some discomfort due to the stint.

Thankfully hubby was home over the weekend, so I got to take it easy. He was very sweet and took care of me :o) He even went grocery shopping for me for the week!

But, alas, he has left again already. And, unless it rains, he wont be home again till Friday evening. I miss him already :-(

I need to get back into a routine, but that may need to wait till I can get this stint out (which I just found out isn't going to happen till Friday, ugg!). I was already planning on taking a short break from ECC to do some other things. We went to the Evergreen Air and Space Museum recently and my kids loved it! So we are going to do a short unit study (and lapbook) on Amelia Earhart. Then I'm going to do my best to put together another short unit study/lapbook on Hawaii.

Why Hawaii, you may ask? Well, that's the exciting part in all of this. Hubby's family is taking us to Hawaii in October!!! The kids are beside themselves with excitement (and in all honesty, so am I!). So, being the homeschool mom that I am, we are going to study up on Hawaii before we go :o)

Well, I think that's pretty much my last few days in a nutshell. Hopefully I will find my energy and motivation here soon. I need to get out of my PJ's, I've been in them for three days! I would appreciate any prayers you could send my way!

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