Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday 5/25/10

We went down to the local elementary school so that hubs and I could walk around the track and let the kids play on the playground. After we were done walking, I got out the camera :o) I thought this one was just too cute not to share!

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Sweet Shot Day


Monday, May 24, 2010

Menu Plan for May 24th

Here is my menu for the week. This weekend we will be camping on my parents property up near Crescent Lake. We are responsible for dinner one night and our own lunch and beverages.

Monday - Fish, rice and asparagus (this is just hubby and I, kids will be with my SIL)

Tuesday - Nacho's

Wednesday - Pork chops, potatoes and salad

Thursday - Beef tips (in the crock pot) over rice with broccoli

Friday thru Sunday - We will be camping. Our dinner meal will be carne asada (not sure if it's happening on Friday or Sunday night). We wont be home till Monday afternoon (unless the weather is horrible and drives us out sooner, lol) so I may not get my menu up till Tuesday next week.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday 5/18/10

So I wanted to post these last week for Sweet Shot Tuesday, but due to some technical difficulties, it didn't happen. We got the opportunity to have a three bedroom condo in Klamath Falls for a couple of nights over Mothers day weekend. It was wonderful! We had a very relaxing weekend and my only "job" was to take pictures, lol. Here are some of my favorites:

I just love Little P's hands!

I really liked the depth of field and the uniqueness of this shot.

I just thought this was cute! Not sure why she had her hood up!

I thought this shot just totally captured his personality.

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Sweet Shot Day

Have a "Sweet" week!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Menu Plan for May 11th

We were out of town this last weekend, so I planed last weeks menu through yesterday. Here is what I have planned for the rest of the week:

Tuesday - Leftovers

Wednesday - Taco Salad

Thursday - Crock-pot Rotisserie Chicken, Rice & Corn

Friday - Potato Bar

Saturday - Chicken Divan

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Menu Plan for May 3rd

Sorry this is late, yesterday I was sleep deprived and this morning has been rather crazy. But we will be eating this week, so here is my plan:

Monday - Leftovers

Tuesday - BBQ chicken pizza

Wednesday - Cheese & lentil enchilada casserole (I'm making this up as I go, hopefully it will turn out edible, lol)

Thursday - Split pea soup with bread and cheese.

Friday - Pork tenderloin with rice and corn

Saturday thru Monday: We will be taking a short vacation to Klamath Falls (staying in a three bedroom condo) so these are the meals I have planned, not sure exactly which day they will fall on.

Breakfasts: Pancakes; eggs, hash browns & toast.
Lunches: PB & J; Ham, turkey & cheese sandwiches; egg salad sandwiches (green salad for me)
Dinners: Steak, potatoes & salad; Hearty's Burgers and fries & green beans; Spaghetti.

Because of our mini vacation, I probably wont get next weeks meals done until Tuesday either. I hope everyone has a blessed week!

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