Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My "Recycled" Skirts, LOL!

As promised, here are the skirts that I've made myself. We've been on a pretty tight budget and spending money on clothes for myself is not something I can justify very well, so I did the best I could with as little as possible. I "recycled" some things I already had :o) This is what I came up with:

This is one of my favorites :) It's made from a pair of jeans that were too long for me. Very simple to make and it didn't take very long (although, I did make it a little on the tight side as far as walking goes!) I've also made Munchkin one to match this one, only her's has a panel in the front too.

I made this one with a fabric panel on both the front and the back

This one was a lot of fun! I made the pattern for a six gore skirt adjusting it to fit on the bottom of a cut-off pair of jeans. The fabric was from the clearance section at Jo Ann's on one of their 50% off days, so it only cost a few dollars :o)

Unfortunately, I don't really like the way this one turned out :( I didn't do the gather very well, so I don't think it hangs right when I wear it. I'll probably rip the seam out and re-do it, but I haven't gotten to it yet. This one was made out of clearance fabric and a jean mini skirt!

These two are my favorite projects so far! These are my slips that I've made out of bedskirts! It's a lot of fun to wear them under a skirt that they can "peak" out from underneath. Each bedskirt cost about $4 at goodwill and the best part is, I have plenty left over to make a slip for each of my girls!

Some things I still have left to do:
I have a pile of jeans and jean shorts of both mine and my girls sitting by my sewing table waiting to be "recycled" into skirts.
I have a pair of overalls for myself that I want to turn into a jumper (like the first two skirts pictured).
I have some slacks that I was going to see how they turned out making a skirt with fabric panels (like the first two skirts).
I have slips to make for my girls.
And another project I want to try (but don't have the materials for) is to take a T-shirt of the girls and sew a skirt onto it to make a dress. I think this style dress would really appeal to Peanut.

So there you have it! If anyone has any other idea's about "recycling" clothing into something more modest/feminine, I'd love to hear it!


charisse said...

I wish I could do that. I need to learn how to sew well enough to do that. I liked the that has flower fabric on front and back.

Jenny said...

Tim really liked the bed-skirt into a slip idea.
I have some pants I need to repurpose and I could use some more slips too. I like dresses and jumpers more than skirts but I'm finding skirts easier to make.
I am so glad that I have more than one friend in Oregon who thinks dressing femininely isn't legalistic.
Thanks for posting your pictures and your philosophy.

Jenny said...

Charisse, you should join us for sewing once a month and we can help you expand your sewing capabilities.

heather said...

My fave one is still the skirt with the 6 flowered Victorian looking! Love it!

And, Jenny, count me up as yet another one who agrees with dressing feminine! I love it when women actually look like women!! LOL!

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