Sunday, February 22, 2009


We are thinking about getting chickens. (sigh)

I HATE chickens! No, seriously, I do. My mom Loved chickens, so we had chickens a few times growing up. And she believed that free-range was the only way to go, so the chickens were EVERYWHERE! And forget about trying to find the eggs! It was like having an Easter egg hunt every day and when you found one wondering just how long it had been sitting out in the elements. They really are dumb obnoxious creatures.

So why are we getting chickens, you may ask? Because, like many of my friends, I too, have been bitten by the homesteading/frugal living bug. (sigh) I even got some books from the library (and judging by the slim selection and the number of holds, I think most of the city has been bitten by the same bug!) so I could "study up". (sigh)

It will be nice to have a fresh supply of eggs, though.

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