Friday, July 30, 2010

It's almost time...

...for back to school. Or as we homeschoolers like to say "NOT back to school!" {grin}

Everywhere you turn you see "back-to-school" specials and sales. I have to admit, it makes me giddy! I LOVE shopping for school supplies! It was my favorite part of back-to-school when I was a kid. And now as a homeschooling mom, it's even more exciting. I just love looking at all those supplies and imagining all the possibilities! And the deals aren't bad either. I mean, lets face it, when else can you get spiral notebooks for 10 cents? Or, heck, even a FREE backpack?

Of course all these sales mean something else as well. It's time for the "Not back-to-school blog hop"! This year it will be hosted at Heart of the Matter. Here is the schedule for this year:

  • Monday, Aug 2 – Friday, Aug 6: Curriculum Week
  • Monday, Aug 9 – Friday, Aug 13: School Room Week
  • Monday, Aug 16 – Friday, Aug 20: Student Photo Week
  • Monday, Aug 23 – Friday, Aug 27: Day-in-the-Life Week

Not Back to School Blog Hop

I'm looking forward to participating and giving a little "peak" into our school life. Hope to see some of you there as well! =) For more information (and to participate) visit Heart of the Matter.


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The Frugal Family Manager said...

Thanks for posting this, Glennda! I think it will be encouraging (& hopefully motivating) to see what everyone else is doing. It was nice to see you last night, by the way!


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