Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So Today is Tuesday.....

Yes, today is Tuesday (Tuesday April 20th, 2010, to be exact). Which means I should be posting a picture to link up with "Sweet Shot Tuesday", but once again, I have neglected to get my camera out this week {sigh}.

So, I'm going to challenge myself. I've heard rumor of a "365 challenge" going on (I think it's through Flicker?) that I believe is a challenge to take a picture of something different everyday. And, while it's obviously too late to join that challenge, I'm going to do something similar. I'm going to challenge myself to get my camera out (rain or shine!) and take at least one picture everyday. Even if it means taking my camera with me to the grocery store! I've been stuck in a rut, thinking I have to have perfect lighting (read that to be a sunny day!) and a perfect subject/set up in order to get a perfect picture. But wouldn't it be more of a challenge to get a great picture on a cloudy/rainy day ('cause let face it we have a lot of those around here!) of some random object? Hmmmm....... I think it's time to start thinking outside the box.

So, I probably wont post every picture, after all, I'm sure they wont all turn out :o) But I will post some of the good ones. And, hey, maybe I'll actually learn to use my camera along the way ;)


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