Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Bedroom Re-decoration

So, like I said in my last decorating post, Hubby and I are working on redecorating our home and we started with our bedroom. Now, I didn't remember to take before pictures. However, I did think to take a picture of "The Wall" before we changed it :o) Here it is:

Now, this wall has been an annoyance ever since we moved in almost 6 years ago (yes, it really has taken us that long to do something about it, lol). First I should mention, our room is basically blue. The carpet is a light blue, the blinds are blue and the bathroom has blue tile. So why the people who lived here before us (Hubby's grandparents rented it out for 7 or 8 months before we moved in) thought Forest Green would be the perfect color for this wall, I will never know (and, no, the picture doesn't truely show the color well). They also did a horrible job of painting it. The wall originally had wallpaper on it that was put directly on the drywall. They simply pulled the wallpaper off and slapped up some paint. They didn't use any kind of primer, they didn't texture the wall and they only did one coat of paint. The result was, you could see every blemish in the wall, there were thin spots where you could see the wall through the paint and there were holes forming everywhere (notice the rather large hole in the paint in the middle of the wall!) Here is the picture again, so you can truely appreciate the change :o)

So, Hubby and I spent the weekend painting and this is what "The Wall" looks like now:

We started with a light blue (and yes, we primed first!) and then I "ragged" on a purple and a darker-basically-looks-brown-purple. We decided not to texture, since the paint technique we picked would give the illusion of texture (and it does :o)). The color combination looks soooo much better with the rest of the room! Here are a few more "after" pictures of the room. And, for those of you who have never seen our room before, the curtains and the shelves with the dolls are new. Oh, and it's clean :o)

So we are basically done with our room now. We still want to change out the light fixtures (I REALLY don't like the ones that are there!), but we haven't found ones that we like and that are in the budget. So that may have to wait a little bit. But in the mean time, we have a much nicer "retreat" for ourselves.

The next project on the list will be the kitchen. This time I WILL take "before" pictures, lol. As a matter of fact, I may just go take the pictures NOW, so that I don't forget when we get ready to work on it :o)


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Rebeca said...

Oooh, so exciting Glennda! I'm in bedroom decorating mode too, only my bedroom as of yet has no drywall, just studs framing it... I'm trying not to get nervous about it not being done before Baby comes. I've been picking paint colors, etc. Your room looks nice... enjoy your work!

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