Friday, December 11, 2009

Mei Tai

My favorite style of baby carrier is the Mei Tai, sometimes called an Asian Baby Carrier (or ABC). However, as with most baby wearing options, they can be rather spendy to purchase. So I have decided to make mine. Here is my latest version.

This is the side that will be closest to baby. I picked a nice soft material.

This is the outside. The lime green square is a pocket that is accessed from the side, like a sweatshirt. The green straps at the top will hook through loops on the straps (I haven't put the loops on yet) to keep the sleeping hood up.

This picture shows what it looks like with the sleeping hood in the down position.

Once again the colors in the pictures didn't turn out quite right, but I think it gives a good idea. The inside is light pink. The straps are chocolate brown. The outside is a cream with light pink, dark pink and lime green poke-a-dots. And the pocket and the hood straps are lime green.


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