Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We recently did a major clean and reorganize of the girls' bedroom. We needed to make room for another bed so that we could move Little P into their room. With the new baby coming in a few months, we will be needing the crib (and the space) in our room. And I wanted to make sure Little P had time to adjust to being in a big boy bed before she gets here. Of course I forgot to take before pictures (sigh) but I went through my computer and came up with a couple. They are a little old and they don't show the whole room, but they do give a somewhat decent representation of the condition their room was normally in.



Here is what the room looks like now. As you can see, we needed to move the beds around to make room for the captains bed. Now this is the best part: Their room has stayed this clean FOR OVER A WEEK!!! It's been wonderful! No more stepping on sharp little things in order to get to their bed to give goodnight hugs.

This picture shows what we did with most of their toys. I organized everything into bins of similar items. Now almost all of their toys are in those big blue tubs! They have to ask to get one out, so it is easier for me to stay on top of making sure they clean up what they are done with before they get out something new. So far it has worked really well and they are starting to get used to the process now, so the complaints have eased also :o)

So the next will be to finish reorganizing their play area out in the main part of the house. This is where they have their play kitchen (and all it's accessories) and their dress-up clothes. We have the dress-up stuff mostly done, but still need to go through all the kitchen stuff. And then it will be time to move on to our bedroom and closet (I'm not looking forward to this, it's a mess, lol). I am, however, looking forward to having the house organized and relatively clean before new baby gets here. Hopefully, that will help me keep from stressing over the condition of the house while I'm supposed to be recuperating!


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