Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Giving Thanks

So this weeks theme at The Trendy Treehouse is "Giving Thanks". I immediately started trying to come up with a good picture of my kids. However, it's rather difficult to get a "good" picture of 4 kids! Then I decided to do something a little different. After all, everyone does pictures of their family when it comes time to give thanks*! So here is my "Giving Thanks" picture. I'm thankful for the country we live in and the freedoms we enjoy. And I'm also thankful for the men and women who, have given, are giving and will give their lives so that we can continue to enjoy those freedoms.

I'm linking this to The Trendy Treehouse.


*Disclaimer* I very much love and am thankful for my family =) Mostly, I couldn't pick just one picture, lol.


1 comment:

Mama Monkey said...

This is a beautiful photograph! Thank you so much for posting it :)

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