Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu Plan for Feb 22nd

So last week I posted that I had taken the time to create a six week rotation menu plan. Last week was week one in that plan. On Monday we discovered that Little Bit is wheat sensitive (sigh) and I thought "well, there goes the menu plan". I thought I was going to have to throw the entire thing out and start from scratch. So far though, however, I have been able to modify it and still follow it. This week the only meal I have to modify is Friday's. Hopefully it will turn out that I didn't do all that work for nothing :o)

Monday - Teriyaki Chicken

Tuesday - Split Pea Soup

Wednesday - Meat Loaf

Thursday - Crock-pot Rotisserie Chicken

Friday - Spaghetti (I will be using spelt noodles)

Saturday - Enchiladas

Sunday - Leftovers, a new recipe or something for fellowship.

For more menu plans, visit Organizing Junkie.



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