Friday, January 23, 2009

We were blessed with a membership that gets us into all the science centers and the zoo for free. So yesterday we decided to take a "field trip" up to the A.C. Gilbert Discovery Village. The kids had a blast and, of course, can't wait to go again!

Here they are being "digested" in the "stomach"

Little P didn't want to be left out of the dress-up. Doesn't he make an adorable tocan?!?

Here they are playing around. Not sure what they were, but hey they had fun!

And, of course, you can't leave without a picture in the giant rocking chair!
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Angie said...

That place looks like a blast. Do you think that it is just for little children or would my 9 y/o also dig it?

heather said...

That place DOES look like fun! I still wanna take my kiddos there..........we need to schedule a field trip this spring. You game?

Shanna said...

Oh I wanna go!!! Joshua had so much fun when we went. Maybe we could do a field trip up there sometime. That stomach thing must be new. It looks neat.

Angie, your boys will LOVE the playground there. You should go.

Glennda said...

I think the stomach was there last time, but I don't remember for sure (I didn't remember my camera last time). I would be up for a field trip. I thought about posting that we were going, but it was so last minute that I decided not to.

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