Sunday, May 1, 2011 Confessions

So one of the blogs I like to lurk on, A Familiar Path, has started "Saturday Confessions" and I thought I'd give it a try :-)

1. Well this one is pretty obvious, today is Sunday, but I'm participating in "Saturday Confessions". I'm frequently slow to catch on...........

2. I left my purse in the car at Trader Joes yesterday. I didn't realize it until the gal started ringing me up. I had to run out and get it while she (and everyone in line behind me!) waited for me.

3. After Trader Joes, I pulled into the parking lot and parked at Safeway before I realized I didn't want to go to Safeway, I wanted to go to Market of Choice. Yesterday wasn't a good day.....

4. A few weeks ago I created another blog for my photography so that I could blog more about "life" on this blog. The last couple of weeks I've only posted my menu plan. {sigh}

5. I DVR'd the Royal Wedding and my girls, my mother and I had a "Princess Party" Friday evening and watched it. We dressed up and wore tiaras and plastic jewelry =)

6. I have a group picture of us, but I don't want to take the time to download it from my memory card, edit it, and post it here.

7. We fast forwarded through a lot of the wedding......

8. You may not believe me because I was only 2, but I still remember staying up and watching Charles and Diana marry.

9. I have pictures of sewing projects I've done that I need to blog about, but haven't. I also have several projects sitting on my sewing table that I need to start.

10. I took some beautiful pictures of my oldest two last Saturday up at my in-laws. Later in the evening I realized I had my camera in the basic-only-fit-for-facebook setting. I almost cried.



Susan said...

Hey, Melissa is a friend of mine. I'm working on a photography website/blog too. Just spent a ton of time on it tonight. Now I need to go to bed!

Melissa Stover said...

i don't even remember charles and di's wedding and i had to be plenty old enough to know it was going on. i guess weddings have never been my thing.

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